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Iquique, CL

Neptuno Pumps®

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of NEPTUNO PUMPS® VTP: flanged bowl construction, single or multiple stage design, depending on your total head requirements, for continuous service. Heavy duty design for long term operation in industrial applications. VERTICAL PUMPS MODELS •Vertical Turbine Pumps (VTP) •Vertical Can Type (VC) OPERATING PARAMETERS •Capacities up to 40,000 gpm (7,500 m3/h) •Head up to 1,640 Feet (500 m) •Power through 2000 hp (1500 kW) •Pressures up to 590 psi (4,067 kPa) •Frequency 50/60 Hz •Temperatures to 400 °F (200°C) •Bowls sizes from 8" to 40" DESIGN FEATURES •NEPTUNO PUMPS® high-efficiency design •High-quality investment cast impellers and bowls •Maximum versatility and reliability •Low NPSH first stage construction •No priming required •Thrust balanced impellers available •Product lube or enclosed lineshaft •Minimum space requirement •Special material selection for standard or abrasive/corrosive service •Packing or mechanical seal •Independent axial-thrust bearing assembly •Multiple discharge configurations and sizes SERVICES •Primary Water Supply – Fresh water or Sea water •Mining Processes: Cooling Water, Thickener Overflow, Reclaim Water, Mine Seepage, Well Pumps-Process, Water Supply, Mine De-Watering, Electrolyte, Pressure Boosting and Transfer •Solvent Extraction/Electro-Winning (SX/EW): Raffinate, Pregnate Leach Solution (PLS), Heap Leach, Acid Water Pressure Boosting and Transfer •Dewatering – Sump, Deep Well, Ponds •Tailings – Post Processed Solutions •Seepage Water – Sump or Can/Booster •Oil & Gas Production – Onshore, Offshore and Pipeline •Marine •Pulp and Paper •Municipal Water & Wastewater •Agriculture - Irrigation

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358 Iquique, CL
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