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Cusano di Zoppola, IT

PST Technology

PST Technology is a dynamic Italian company which strength relies on field experience and know-how acquired during many years of electric pumps manufacturing. Employing highly qualified staff in R&D, production and sales among others, the company is firmly oriented to expand its domestic and international markets based on innovation and new technology applications. PST Technology designs and produces a wide range of electric pumps, in particular Sand-Fighter submersible pumps (3", 4" and 6" inches variants), complete with motors, electric cabling and control box; these innovative pumps are high-end engineering products that guarantee the best reliability.

Via Udine, 46 - S.S. 13
33080 (PN) Cusano di Zoppola, IT
Tel.: + 39 0434.977277
Fax: +39 0434.977160