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JiuJiang, CN

Autai Rubber and Plastic Co.,Ltd.

JiuJiang AuTai Rubber and Plastic Co.,Ltd is a crystallization of China PTFE and Teflon, owns manufacturers of AUTAI Co for High Quality Teflon and PTFE, Extruded Teflon and PTFE, Skived Teflon and PTFE, Molded Teflon and PTFE, Filling Teflon and PTFE, Graphite Teflon and PTFE, Fiberglass Teflon and PTFE, Carbon Teflon and PTFE, Bronze Teflon and PTFE. Autai multitudinous products with 5 series can satisfy various demands. PTFE Teflon Rod Insulated PTFE rod : Expanded PTFE Rod ; Molded PTFE Rod ; Expanded Square PTFE Rod ; Graphite Fill PTFE Rod ; Glass Fill PTFE Rod ; Carbon Fill PTFE Rod ; Bronze Fill PTFE Rod. Extruded PTFE Rod. 5mm~200mm; Molded PTFE Rod. 20mm ~ 300mm PTFE Teflon Sheet PTFE Film Tape; Thin PTFE Sheet; Molded PTFE Sheet ; Round PTFE Sheet ; Graphite Fill PTFE Sheet ; Glass Fill PTFE Sheet ; Carbon Fill PTFE Sheet ; Bronze Fill PTFE Sheet. Skived PTFE Sheet 0.1mm ~ 6.0mm, Width 100mm ~ 1500mm Molded PTFE Sheet 3mm ~ 100mm, Size 1200x1200mm PTFE Teflon Tubing Expansion PTFE Tubing ; Molded PTFE Tubing ; Graphite Fill PTFE Tubing ; Glass Fill PTFE Tubing ; Carbon Fill PTFE Tubing ; Bronze Fill PTFE Tubing. Extruded PTFE Tubing ID 20mm ~ 510mm Molded PTFE Tube ID 20mm ~ 400mm PTFE Teflon hose PTFE Hose ; Medical PTFE Hose ; Medical FEP Hose ; FEP Hose ; Braided PTFE Hose. PTFE Hose Size ID 2mm ~ 22mm Other PTFE Teflon PTFE Gasket ; PTFE Packing; Expanded PTFE Cord Gasket; PTFE Gasket; PTFE Parts. Http://www.autai.com

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332000 JiuJiang, CN
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