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Discflo Corporation

The disc pumps operate on the principles of boundary layer and viscous drag. The application of these principles is new in the world of pumps but widely used in other areas of fluid engineering, such as causing friction loss through a piping system. Under laminar flow conditions, streams of liquid travel at different velocities through a pipe, with the layer closest to the pipe being stationary (Known as the boundary layer) and successive fluid layers flowing faster towards the center of the pipe. Similarly, when fluid enters the disc pump, a boundary layer is formed on the surfaces of the Discpac, a series of parallel discs which form the pumping mechanism. As the discs rotate, energy is transferred to successive layers of molecules in the fluid between the discs via the viscous drag principle, generating velocity and pressure gradients across the width of the Discpac. This combination of boundary layer and viscous drag results in a powerful force that pulls the product through the pump in a smooth, pulsation-free flow. A Technology That Saves The fluid being pumped moves parallel to the Discpac, so it does not impinge on the moving parts of the pump. It is this Non-impingement and gently pull-through pumping action which distinguishes the Discflo pump from other pump systems on the market, all which use some kind of impingement device to “push” product through the pump. By minimizing contact between the pump and the material being pumped, wear on the disc pump components is greatly reduced, pump downtime is rare and, in the case of sheer sensitive materials, damage to the product by the pump is eliminated. The disc pump’s problem-solving ability in hard to pump applications is unparalleled in the world of pumps….Making Discflo truly the future pump technology. DON’T WASTE TIME If you’re looking for that competitive advantage over your competitors or you’re striving to be the best in your industry, then don’t waste any more time by implementing the Discflo pump system. We know our technology can be your answer for your pumping problems. WE ARE THE SOLUTION!

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