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Sleaford, GB

Doseuro (UK) Limited

Doseuro was formed in 1984 under the name Dosatron S.r.l. which was subsequently changed to Doseuro S.r.l. in 2000. The company opened its UK office in early 2007 to better cater for and expand its British customer base, seeing this operation as integral to the expansion of the Doseuro brand. Doseuro are an expert manufacturer of solenoid, hydraulic diaphragm, piston plunger, mechanical diaphragm and positive displacement dosing pumps, as well as various electronic mixers (agitators) and polyelectrolyte blending systems.

Unit 8 East Road Industrial Esta
NG34 7EH Sleaford, GB
Tel.: 01529 300 045
Fax: 01529 410 967