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Warner Beach, ZA

MLC Technologies

The non-stuck design makes this the easiest Lantern ring to remove from a stuffing box. The total flexibility as well as the multiple slot design of the Lantern Spring® insures quick and easy extraction from any stuffing box. The non clog design ensures that the gland packing gets lubricated for the maximum period without getting starved from lubrication. The unique patented Lantern Spring® can be manufactured to suit almost any type of pump using gland packing as a sealing medium. Standard extractor tools can be used to remove the Lantern Spring® from the stuffing box , and due to its non- stuck design will slide out, no matter how corroded the stuffing box bore is.

P.O.Box 218
4140 Warner Beach, ZA
Tel.: 27722351163
Fax: 27319031404

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