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Ahmedabad - 382445, IN

PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Pressurejet is a leading manufacturer of High Pressure Plunger Pump ranging from 2 H.P. to 500 H.P. These High Pressure Plunger Pumps are capable to develop Ultra High Pressure (UHP) up to 2800 bar and flow up to 800 LPM. Pressurejet has designed pressure washers for pressure up to 500 bar which are either Electric Pressure Washer or Engine Driven Pressure Washer. These Pressure Washers are widely known as Pressure Cleaners. These high pressure cleaners are suitable for few of the below applications. Air Duct Cleaning Airplane Pressure Washing ATV Power Washing Boat Pressure Washing Boiler Feed Pumps Boiler Tube Cleaning Car Washing Pump Cleaning Farms or Stables Cleaning Gutters with Gutter Cleaner Cleaning Pipes Blocked by Concrete Cleaning Stains and Chemicals Cob Blasting Colleges and Universities cleaning Concrete Repair Cleaning & Restoration Condenser Tube Cleaning Construction Brick Cleaning Crude Oil Transfer Pump Deck Pressure Washing Driveways Pressure Washing Evaporator Tube Cleaning Exhaust Pressure Washing Fleets Pressure Washing Fogging Pump Gas Station Pressure Washing Golf Carts Washing Graffiti Removal & Cleaning Grease removal & Cleaning Gutters Pressure Washing Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner Hydrostatic testing High Pressure Jetting Pump High Pressure Sewer Jetting Pump High Pressure Steam Cleaner High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners House Washing Hydro Demolition Pump Hydro descaling in rolling / Steel Mills and many more.... Livestock and Pressure Washing Motorized Hydro Test Pump Municipalities: Parks and Recreation Areas cleaning Off-Shore Platforms Washing Oil Pipe Cleaning Paint removal pump Pipe / Tube Cleaning Pools Pressure Washing Power of Power Washers & Cleaning Power Washing Refineries Pressure Wash Trailers & Cleaning Pressure Washer Engines for washing Pressure Washer Extension Wands Pressure Washer Health and Safety Pressure Washer Pumps Pressure Washing Farm Equipment Removing Barnacles & Cleaning Restaurant Cleaning Reverse Osmosis Pump Roof Cleaning Rust removal pump Sewer Cleaning Sewer Jetting Pump Silos Pressure Cleaning Space Heaters Sprinkler Hydrostatic Test Pump Steam Pressure Washing Storage Tank Washing Street Departments and Road Clean Ups Surface preparation pump Tank/Vessel Cleaning Tanker truck cleaning Tennis Court Cleaning Timber Wood Stripping Tourist Attractions cleaning Vessel Paint Stripping Wastewater Disposal & Cleaning Water Containment Systems Water Sand Blasting Pump Wood Cleaning Reactor Cleaning Pressurejet High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are capable to develop very high pressure & ultra high pressure as well. PressureJet also offer complete jetting system. These hydro jetting systems are suitable for Sewer jetting, Rust removal, Paint removal, very high pressure jetting pump for ship cleaning , high pressure jetting washer for rail way track cleaning on railway station , very high pressure jetting pump for fire fighting application. Pressurejet have a work force of more than 55 dedicated people. We have 22000 Sq.ft area in Asia 's premier industrial estate in Ahmedabad,India. Out of which, 10000 Sq.ft area has been allocated for manufacturing activities,The company has full-fledged in house testing facilities to offer quality products to the customers. Products: High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Pumps High Pressure Pumps Triplex Plunger Pump Jetting Machines Hydrostatic testing Pumps Water Injection Pump Gutter Cleaning Pump Hydroblasting Pump Sewer Jetting System Tube Cleaners Tank Cleaning Surface Preparation Steam Cleaners Reverse Osmosis Pump Pressure Washers Power Washer Hot Water Washers Car Pressure Washer Fuel Tank Cleaner Industrial Pressure Washers Jet Washer Power Pressure Washer Power Washer Pressure Washer Pressure Washers Keywords Cleaning, Cleaning Equipment, Deck Cleaning, Condenser Tube Cleaning, Filter Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, Hot Water Pressure, Hot Water Washers , Hydro Blasting, Hydroblasting in Industrial Cleaning, Jetting, Paint Removal, Pressure Cleaning, Pressure Pump Washer, Pressure Washing, Pump Piston, Pump Plunger, Pumps Pressure, Tank Cleaning, Water Jet, Water pressure

62/13, Phase-I, Nr.Patel Airtemp
Vatva Ahmedabad - 382445, IN
Tel.: +91-79-25835598
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