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Bangalore, IN

Process Pumps India Ltd.

Our expertise in the field of material science, metallurgy and corrosion control, gives us the cutting edge to meet the challenges in the chemical industry in pumping arduous and hazardous fluids We have 20 years of experience and are ISO-9001 : 2000 certified with scope "Design, manufacturing and supply of centrifugal pumps and spares therof" Products: HORIZONTAL BPO PUMPS (METALLIC & NON-METALLIC) HORIZONTAL LOW LEAK PUMPS (METALLIC & NON-METALLIC) VERTICAL GLANDLESS PUMPS (METALLIC & NON-METALLIC) VERTICAL SUMP PUMPS (METALLIC) CANTILEVER PUMPS (METALLIC) CUSTOM BUILT PUMPS(METALLIC & NON-METALLIC) In variety all material of constructions to suit the liquid handled. Associated companies: Allcast Industries Ltd-www.all-cast.com Cathodic Control Company Pvt Ltd - www.cathodiccontrol.com

Bangalore, IN
Tel.: +91 80 8395 327
Fax: +91 80 8395 807

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