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Gimhae, KR

Prosave Vision Korea

PROSAVE use most recent advancements to manufacture Air discharge valves, breaker vacuum valves and different items for well being and environment assurance of businesses and expanding effectiveness of their pump and other modern procedures. We act as a pioneer to furnish modern segments with their boundless interest in framework process items to fulfill the conceivable outcomes be it gadgets for marine building types of gear, petrochemical industry. On/seaward plants and a wide range of desalination plants. We supply high caliber and tried air help valves, air vacuum break valves, surge assurance valves, high weight valves and fire arrestors. We have cutting edge present day fabricating offices which can give our clients a definitive worth in our quality items. Our fantasy is to be the top producer of security valves and an organization where every one of our partners are cheerful and fulfilled. We trust that you will discover our items solid and all data is useful in helping you to settle on a purchasing ch

1407, Daman-ri, Jillye-myeon, Gi
621881 Gimhae, KR
Tel.: +82-(0)55-313-3510
Fax: +82-(0)55-313-3512