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Santo André, BR

RZR Bombas Positivas

The unique features of RZR internal gear pumps for heavy duty applications such as the 24/7 feeding at high pressures of high efficiency oil burners in boilers and furnaces, make these customized models “the best choice” among its users in our local market. For over 20 years RZR has been successfully delivering these rugged models, capable of standing de heaviest oils produced by our national oil company.Some of RZR’s pump features are named below: • All rotating materials in hardened carbon steel alloy, with surface hardness in the range of 60–65 HRC; • Tungsten idler bushing and idler pin are standard; • Incorporated relief valve, pressure settings within the 5 to 35 bar range; • Unique multiple springs type, single mechanical seal, designed to stand high viscosity fuel oils.

Rua Santa Mônica, 66
09190-460 Santo André, BR
Tel.: (11) 4426-7632
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