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Thailand, US

Sealwise Co.,Ltd.

Sealwise represents a diverse range of mechanical seal products and systems specifically designed to meet and exceed customer requirements. These product range include Agitator Seal, Split Seal, Dry Gas Seal, Metal Bellows Seal and Seal Support System. In addition, our products are supported by one of the industry's finest engineering, manufacturing and customer aftermarket support organizations, unmatched in talent and resources around the globe. While some other companies focus on selling off-the-shelf products and technologies, Sealwise is driven by customer focused and dedicated application engineering. Our experienced design/application engineers continuously strive for comprehensive, groundbreaking and value-added solutions that focus on each customer's unique product or system requirements, meet or exceed the challenge and advance the industry as a whole. Combining the core technologies of each of our product range, Sealwise can technologically address virtually any mechanical seal application and diagnosis. Sealwise works with and supports the total industry from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to aftermarket customers. Sealwise has for years had a leading presence in providing advanced-technology replacement products that keep rotating equipment running long after servicing. Should you have any questions or would like to share your informations with us, please contact us at support@sealwise.com.

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