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Settima Flow Mechanisms

Sustainable Power In a ever increasing demand for power, designers and manufacturers of hydraulic devices have explored all opportunities to contain noise and reduce ripple. When System Life Cycle, Environmental Conditions, Energy Consumption, Performances are paramount the ultimate solution is to cut the problem at its root. Noise is Expensive From the small steering system to the large municipal equipment, from the lubrication system to the forklift. Noise not only is generated by the pumps but in most cases the systems generated noise by amplifying the ripple. Consequent pressure drops are a noticeable energy consumption and reducing overall efficiency. Even in the most demanding condition Continuum enables the system designer to focus on functions and features, not only on reducing customer frustration by mean of expensive enclosures, hoses and attenuators. Noise is relieved at the root. Power of Silence Endowed with the form factor of the most used hydraulic devices such as gear pumps, Continuum is set to transform the way end users are perceiving hydraulic devices. The ultimate solution for preserving the experience of silence. Settima FM, introducing its new Continuum Product Line, is paving the way for Sustainable Fluid Power.

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