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Wertheim, DE


VACUUBRAND offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers for rough and fine vacuum for laboratory use. The product range comprises rotary vane pumps, oil-free diaphragm pumps, complete vacuum pumping units, flexible vacuum systems and solutions for local area networks in laboratories (VACUU·LAN®). Our vacuum controllers provide precise vacuum regulation, ideally by speed control of the VARIO-diaphragm pumps. In addition to our proven chemistry diaphragm vacuum pumps we have added a new VAC 24seven series, which is now available for pilot and industrial scale applications. The proven reliability of our individual pumps has been combined to produce a powerful modular process vacuum system. For applications with involving aggressive and condensable gases and vapours, it provides a clean, oil- and contaminationfree vacuum source.

Alfred-Zippe-Straße 4
D-97877 Wertheim, DE
Tel.: +49 9342 808-5550
Fax: +49 9342 808-5555