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Marostica, IT

VALCO surl Pumps, Motors and Controls Manufacturing

VALCO Pumps and Motors Manufacturing was founded by Valerio Costenaro in 1976 in Marostica, (Vicenza) in the high technology region of VENETO, (Venice Region), North East Italy. The company has flourished by the design and manufacture of an expanding range of pumps, motors and the associated fittings for their installation. THE MOST COMPLETE RANGE OF PUMPS FOR DOMESTIC, AGRICULTURAL, CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL USE TO PUMP WATER AND OTHER FLUIDS AND A RELIABLE SOURCE OF PUMP AND MOTOR SERVICE ! VALCO=HIGH QUALITY AND COMPETITIVE PRICES VALCO offers a complete range of pumps, pump stations,pump fittings and motors for all applications with modern high quality designs: SURFACE CLOSE COUPLED ELECTRIC PUMPS Pumps in cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and plastic materials:available in all materials to suit customers application. Pumps developed with capabilities of self priming, deep well or shallow well operation with modern high quality designs SUBMERSIBLE BOREHOLE ELECTRIC PUMPS FOR WELLS from three to twelve inch sizes to Nema standard to meet all your borehole pumping aplications. BOOSTER PRESSURIZATION SETS. (Automatic water supply systems) are designed for raising water for general use from varied sources, providing sufficient water delivery to meet user's demand, maintaining a sufficient minimum pressure in the system to ensure that the water reaches all points of demand; Complete sets ready for use! DRAINAGE and SEWAGE SUBMERSIBLE ELECTRIC PUMPS versions with following materials of construction: stainless steel, cast iron, bronze casting, stainless steel casting, plastics. Impellers open, vortex or channel types. Applications: drainage,dirty waters, sewage. SPECIAL PUMPS CUSTOM DESIGNS. Deep well, Shallow well and Surface Pumps powered by Renewable Energy Solar, Photovoltaic and Wind Equipment to cover pumping requirements in desert and isolated areas where there is no electricity, providing drinking and sanitary and irrigation water and guaranteeing Village Water Self-sufficiency. ASSOCIATED FITTINGS FOR PUMPS TO ENSURE FAST INSTALLATION AND COMPLETE SUCCESS. Replaceable diaphragm membrane tank-vessels,float switches, electric and electronic level regulators, water filters, gauges, hoses, valves and control equipment are all included in the wide range of accessories ASYNCHRONOUS INDUCTION COMPACT AC POWER ELECTRIC MOTORS IN STANDARD OR CUSTOM DESIGNS Totally enclosed fan ventilated ranges for industrial applications to IEC standard Consult VALCO for all your pumping and motor requirements Head Office, Works, Pump & Motor Laboratory, Pump & Motor Research Centre, Water Handling & Saving University Manufacturing of: Borehole Submersible Electric Pumps Drainage and Sewage Electric Pumps Surface Centrifugal Close Coupled Electric Pumps Controls Electric Motors (Compact AC Power) in Standard or Custom Designs Established in Marostica (Vicenza, Venice Region in North-East Italy) since 1976 Manufacturer of Useful and Valuable Products for Progress, Prosperity and Peace© YOUR WATER&PUMPS SPECIALISTS

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I-36063 Marostica, IT
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