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Clemmons, US

Webster Pump

Webster Pumps, manufactured by Hayward Industrial Products, manufactures vertical immersible and horizontal centrifugal thermoplastic pumps. The primary application is in the plating industry as well as various, less extensive, industries such as photo processing, waste water processing, as well as many other chemical transfer applications. Overall, there is potential for installation anywhere there is the need for plastic over metal, steel, or cast-iron products due to the corrosive nature of the material being pumped. The product range is basically from 5 to 120 gallons per minute with pressure ranges up to 60 p.s.i. (145 t.d.h.). Products are available in 4 materials although not throughout the entire product range. These materials include CPVC (Corzan), Natural Polypropylene, Glass-Filled Polypropylene, and PVDF (Solef). Each of these materials provides different resistance capabilities and temperature characteristics. Determination of the correct material is done through information provide by the customer.

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