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WenZhou, CN

WenZhou Mechanical Seals Factory

Dear Sirs: WenZhou Mechanical Seals Factory is a backbone enterprise of chinese mechanical seals producers nationwide, also a syndic of the Seal Council of China L & G Seals Industrial Association and a member of Chemical Ministry's Machinery and Dynamic Technology association. Throughout twenty-odd years of development,we have nearly 700 items of WM Brand products now.With many professional technicians and advanced checking/testing equipment, we have the production more than 3,000,000 sets annually.The company has established quality system ISO9001:2000. We are the timely deliverer of the most amount of light type mechanical seals in china,with the most new species and the lowest price,and we are more skilled in mid-type seals, also take special orders from customers,the quality top the mechanical seals industry nationwide. Our products have been favoured throughout China,Eastern Europe,Africa,Oceania,Middle East and South East Asia etc.All domestic and overseas customers are warmly welcome. Best Regards Michael Li Http: //www.chinawm.com WenZhou Mechanical Seals Factory Add: 185 Lane, Lucheng Rd, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,China P.C.: 325005 Tel: 86-577-88725576 88716031 88728979 Fax: 86-577-88725576 88718979 E-mail: wzmseals@mail.wzptt.zj.cn wzmseals@yahoo.com.cn

183lane LuCheng Road
325005 WenZhou, CN
Tel.: +86-577-88725576
Fax: +86-577-88725576