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Eppelheim, DE

INDAG GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG

INDAG - A COMPANY OF WILD. INDAG develops and realizes modern processing units and machines for the beverage and food industries. Founded: 1952. 1970: Development of the Heidelberg Mixer, the first semi-automatic, volumetrically controlled syrup mixing unit. Today: Worldwide more than 600 units in operation. INDAG is the leading supplier of syrup mixing technology to the German mineral water industry. INDAG develops and manages modern processing units as well as machines for the beverage and food industries. The flexible and state-of-the-art designs help to guarantee the long-term success for our customers. Founded in 1952, INDAG originally produced packing and filling machines for Capri Sun®. The development of the Heidelberg Mixer, the first semi-automatic and volumetrically controlled syrup mixing unit, was the catalyst for the process technology operation. Currently, there are more than 600 INDAG units in operation worldwide including very well-known mineral water companies in Germany. INDAG is a company of WILD, a leading supplier of natural flavor ingredients worldwide for the beverage and food industries. WILD also has brand named products including Capri Sun®. INDAG’s engineers understand the technology required for beverage and food production as well as the raw materials and the production of semi finished products.

Rudolf-Wild-Straße 107-115
69214 Eppelheim, DE
Phone: +49-6221-799-496
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