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Roper Pumps Company

ROPER PUMPS introduces its new SP Sanitary Truck Unloading Pump Date: 5/5/2004 Press Release SOURCE: Roper Pump Company. ROPER PUMPS, located in Commerce Georgia, has launched their new SANITARY TRUCK PUMP Roper Pump’s new SP Sanitary Truck Unloading Pump is designed for pumping viscous or shear sensitive food and food ingredient products. ROPER’S SP series provide sanitary truck haulers savings of over $15,000 annually with its higher flows and faster filling times. The SP series is also dimensionally interchangeable with other sanitary truck pumps on the market today so there is no cost in switching to Roper. The SP has a displacement of 43 Gallons per 100 Revolutions and can operate at speeds of up to 700 RPM. With a maximum flow of over 255 GPM and pressures to 120 PSI/8.3 Bar, the 3" SP pump has the best performance in the industry. The SP series can be either cleaned in place or strip cleaned. It is 3A approved and compliant with all FDA regulations. Maintenance is fast and simple with seals that are easily replaced from the front of the pump. The front loaded shaft seals are easily changed without having to disconnect the pump housing or piping. There are a variety of drive arrangements available including a hydraulic drive option. Further information on the new Roper SP Sanitary Truck pump can be obtained from the website - www.roperpumps.com or by contacting Lorraine Bryant at 760 - 335-3301 lbryant@roperpumps.com.

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