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Vidin, BG


Turbo-C manufactures and repairs centrifugal water pumps, pump units and provides spare parts for its products. The company offers professional consulting services in the field of pump manufacturing; pump stations and water power plants. The range of the products include widely applicable centrifugal water pumps: The single-staged pumps are with flow-rate from 3 l/sec to 50 l/sec and head from 20m to 80m water column. The multistage pumps are with flow-rate from 3 l/sec to 18 l/sec and head from 36m to 320m water column. The rotary vacuum pumps are with nominal discharge 6.16 and 40 l/s at vacuum 500 mm Hg column. The maximum vacuum at discharge 0 can be from 8.5 to 9.5m.

3700 Vidin, BG
Phone: 00359/888 963 381
Fax: 00359/94 476 44