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Karlovac, CROATIA, SI

Croatia Pumpe Nova d.o.o.

CROATIA PUMPE has been producing pumps according to its own design, as well as in cooperation with some world-known manufacturers for about 60 years now, and counts more then 110 qualified and experienced engineers and technicians staff. The production program consists of 12 pump groups of our own design and of versatile application which are manufactured in 250 different sizes and more then 500 different designs. Their capacity ranges from 10 – 40000 m3/h and total manometric head from 0,1 – 150 bar which ranks Croatia Pumpe among the greatest pump manufactures in the world. Croatia Pumpe are characterized by their multiple application, up to date design, high power parameters, as well as their reliability and long life, and lot of them have already achieved the world's top quality. Apart from standardized pumps (end-section: refinery process and sump process pumps, marine pumps, multistage high-pressure: feed pumps for steam power and nuclear power plants, double-section: cooling and hot water network pumps, low-pressure: axial, mixed flow horizontal and vertical pumps, and well pumps), all special types are available upon the customers request.

Mala Švarča 155
47000 Karlovac, CROATIA, SI
Tel.: + 385 47 434 022
Fax: + 385 47 434 110