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Kummerfeld, DE

Jung Process Systems GmbH

HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps are specially designed for the high demands of the brewery and beverage industries. They are able to cope with a wide variety of media – from yeasts, marcs, frozen or chunky fruit juice concentrates and syrups to high-heated sugar syrups – uniformly and gently. Single mobile twin screw pump in block construction, completely produced in stainless steel • Cavity-free design with shaft seals in the complete CIP cleaning flow • High suction capability with up to 300 m³/h • Conveying pressure up to 35 bar • CIP/SIP function Especially for high-pressures up to 50 bar the double-suction HYGHSPIN DF is available. High viscos products could be handled by use of the self-feeding HYGHSPIN H.

Auweg 2
D-25495 Kummerfeld, DE
Tel.: 0049 4101 7958-140
Fax: 0049 4101 7958-142

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