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Zürich, CH

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW and MAXIFLOW were developed as the result of more than twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other pumps on the market. The result is a practical, precise and reliable pump, which is the most compact in its class on the market. The mechanics used in our peristaltic pumps is so gentle to the tubing that no clamps, fixings or stoppers are required. Therefore • a much better flow rate stability in time is obtained • and low cost tubing can be used • the saving of costs between a tubing with stopper and the standard meter ware is so big that our peristaltic pump is paid after consumption of only 80 m of tubing – You should never buy peristaltic pumps using tubings with stoppers! Interesting construction features include: • Flow rates from 0.01 to 10’000 ml/hr • Greatly extended tubing life and decreased pulsation • New motor technology • Very economic in use while using low cost tubings without stoppers • Excellent price to performance ratio • Digital set point extending over three orders of magnitude • Extensive remote controls • The most compact programmable peristaltic pump on the market • The Pump Flow Integrator allows the exact recording of the amount of liquid delivered by the pump • Low voltage plug-in power supply for maximum safety LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments – where innovation keeps quality high and prices low

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