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Leistritz AG

The further innovative development of the proven LEISTRITZ L2 Screw pump is the new L2NC “Canned Motor Pump”. Applications: The series L2NC of LEISTRITZ screw pumps are self-priming positive displacement pumps for a low pressure range up to 16 bar, suitable for the transport of good lubricating fluids without abrasive particles. Applications are for example in military- and commercial shipbuilding industry as well as in numerous areas of chemical industry. Design and Operation: Self priming hermetically sealed screw pump with two screw spindles. The double-threaded main spindle rotates closely meshed with the triple-threaded idler spindle in the spindle holes of the pump casing, which encloses the spindle set with small tolerances. Sealed areas are formed through the special spindle shape. The enclosed volumes are moved continuously by rotation in an axial direction from the pump suction port to the pump discharge port without turbulence or squeeze of the pumped fluid. The main and the idler spindle are mounted in inter-changeable bearing bushes on both sides, and do not touch the spindle bore. All four bearing bushes are simultaneously forming choke points between the inlet and delivery chambers and thus are always subject to the differential pressure of the pumped fluid. This guarantees good lubrication of these bearing seats and ensures adequate removal of the heat produced by the friction. Also this new LEISTRITZ screw pump series L2NC is of hydraulically balanced design means the axial force on the spindles is compensated through internal drillings in the pump housing. The pump is driven by a “canned” submersible motor, which is cooled by the pumped fluid. The required quantity of cooling fluid is moved to the motor through internal connections from the pump discharge port and returns to the pump suction. The encapsulated motor allows a sealless operation of the pump. Performance Data: • Capacity: max. 5.500 ltr/min, • Differential pressure: max. 16 bar, • Viscosity: max. 1000 cst, • Product temperature: max. 100°C User Advantages: • Less maintenance required, based on sealless design.• Weight and required space reduction compared to conventional pump units. • Designed for reduced noise, vibration and pulsation. • Insensitive to high air content of the pumped liquid.

Nürnberg, DE
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