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NANTES Cedex 9, FR

ALSTOM Fluides et Mécanique

ALSTOM Fluides et Mécanique has a hundred years of experience in the field of pumps, hydraulic systems and pumping stations. Over 200 000 BERGERON-RATEAU, NEYRTEC, and GEC ALSTOM ACB pumps are in service worldwide. This comprehensive experience combined with in-house design, manufacturing and testing facilities provides our clients with solutions tailored to their specific requirements. ALSTOM Fluides et Mécanique can help its clients select from within the range of the company’s products and services, the most appropriate solution to any specific problem. To that end, the company has a Fluid Mechanics Research Center (the CERG) in Grenoble, and pump testing facility. In addition, ALSTOM Fluides et Mécanique performs ambitious research and development programs. ALSTOM Fluides et Mécanique also offers its clients a comprehensive range of services and spare parts and can propose, on the basis of customised studies, machine optimisation opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce the operating costs, and increase service life. ALSTOM Fluides et Mécanique manufactures a range of vertical shaft, concentric output pumps, delivering up to 75 000 m3/h, based on fully standardised modules. The large number and judicious choice of the models in the SATURNE range guarantees the achievement of optimum efficiency, irrespective of the operating point required by the user. Over 80 different models cover a wide range of suction heads and outputs, constituting an exceptional fleet of installed machines.

Boulevard de la Praire au Duc
44945 NANTES Cedex 9, FR
Tel.: +33 2 40 41 14 04
Fax: +33 2 40 41 14 38

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