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Kitchener, CA

Canamar Technologies

We specialize positive displacement pumping systems, mixing/dilution stations and spray automation. We also provide custom designed liquid dispensing solutions even for difficult applications. Our new generation positive displacement pumps are capable of dispensing a wide variety of different types of liquids up to 300,000 cps in viscosity. The flow accuracy greater than +/- 0.5%. Maximum pressure is 300 bars. There are no gears, pistons or seals to wear out, so abrasive and corrosive materials can be dispensed without typical concerns of wear. Typical flow rates from 0.003 L/min. up to 20 L/min, but other are possible. www.canamar.com

185 Morgan Avenue Suite #20
N2A 2M4 Kitchener, CA
Tel.: +1 519 576 6722
Fax: +1 253 390 6511

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