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El Cajon, US

Eddy Pump Corporation

Eddy Pump Corporation is a dredge equipment and pump manufacturer, along with being an engineering company offering dredging services. We serve various industries including the US Navy, Oil, Mining, Wastewater, Paper/Pulp, Dredging, Fracking, Chemical and other others. The Eddy Pump is not a Centrifugal, Vortex or Positive Displacement Pump. Instead, the patented EDDY Pump technology harnesses the power of a tornado into fluid dynamics, creating a synchronized eddy current. This design enables the EDDY Pump to handle material once deemed impossible or cost prohibitive. The Eddy Pump does not have an impeller, but instead a geometrically designed spinning rotor that creates an eddy current. Based on this design a higher suction is created without needing the critical tolerances of other pumps. This translates to significant maintenance cost reductions and allows EDDY Pump to exceed other pumps in handling fluids with high solids, large objects, abrasive material and corrosive liquids.

15405 Olde Hwy 80
92021 El Cajon, US
Tel.: 6192587020

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