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Houston, US

LEWA, Inc.

LEWA, Inc. is a Premier Engineered Solution Provider to Chemical, Petrochemical, Biopharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Oil and Gas industries with innovative metering and blending packaged systems containing plunger and seal-less diaphragm pumps. LEWA is a global organization with service and sales offices in the major cities throughout the world. LEWA offers a complete range of modular, reciprocating positive displacement pumps for metering, injection, proportioning, and controlled volume applications. LEWA has been very successful in these Selected Markets by providing high value-added services and building relationships based on Customer Intimacy and Superior Customer Service. Simplex, multiplex, and true Monoblock triplex (power pump) configurations are available and full ranges of construction materials are available to accommodate all liquid characteristics from liquefied gas to abrasive slurries. Our Performance range covers flows to 45,000 GPH, pressures to 17,000 PSI, temperatures to 300 deg. F, and input powers to 1500 HP.

11011 Richmond Avenue, Suite 250
77042 Houston, US
Phone: 713 577 5408
Fax: 713 577 5393