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Bad Urach, DE


URACA is one of the leading manufacturer oh high pressure plunger pumps and high pressure cleaning units in the world. Our product range includes process and industrial pumps, diaphragm process pumps as well as test pumps.The comprehensive high pressure water jetting technology including sewer cleaning pumps, accessories such as spray guns and nozzles as well as high pressure pumps and automated systems complete the program.The company’s main field of activity is the design and production of high pressure plunger pumps and units for operating pressures up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi and motor ratings up to 2,200 kW / 3,500 HP.The handling liquids - cold or hot, low viscous or pasty, aggressive, abrasive, toxic - as well as liquid gas open wide fields of applications subject to high pressure processes.

Bad Urach, DE
Tel.: +49 7125 133 0
Fax: +49 7125 133 202

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