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GEA Hilge Niederlassung der GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

Tuchenhagen®-VARIFLOW centrifugal pump series TP has been extended for capacities up to 110 m3/h !Following its successful market introduction the centrifugal pump series has been extended for higher capacities now. The TP series will cover a capacity range of 2 m3/h up to 110 m3/h.Added to the already existing type range - types TP 1020, TP 1540, TP 2030, TP 3050, TP 8080 – is type TP 5060 with a capacity of 20 up to 75 m3/h. More types will follow for small and middle range capacities. These now available variants offer six different capacity ranges, all fine tuned to your needs. The TP series is characterized by gentle product handling, optimum efficiency and ease of maintenance. The centrifugal pump type TP is designed for the hygienic pumping of biologically demanding media up to a viscosity of 500 mPas. Low flow velocities and gentle discharge of media through the spiral housing ensure extremely gentle product handling.

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