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Bridgnorth, GB

Kecol Pumps Ltd.

Kecol pumps is a small independent producer of specialist air powered pumps for viscous materials. All pumps are double acting piston designs which can be operated simply as barrel pumps, or mounted onto single or twin post pneumatic ram units. In this way products which do not flow can be pumped. Kecol have developed labour saving unit specially for the food industry,with all parts in stainless steel or other food industry approved materials. Quick dismantling for cleaning is possible using tri-clamp construction, and long operating life is guaranteed because of simple robust construction. Many units delivered 25 years ago are still in daily use. Product wastage is minimised, and efficiency and hygiene is greatly improved. Kecol Pumps Ltd have pumped almost every high viscosity product from silicone mastic to triple concentrate tomato puree.If we are unsure about a new product we are able to carry out full testing at our factory, or provide a loan pump for on site trials. We have agents in many countries,in case of query please contact us for assistance.

Bridgnorth, GB
Tel.: +44 01746 764311
Fax: +44 01746 764780

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